Create personalized coupons in store or online.

Your grandparents used scissors to get coupons from newspaper.

Your parents got coupons in mail.

You can create personalized discounts on your mobile app in real time.

How It Works


Our algorithm allows the retailer to offer a better price to the customer while keeping the same gross profit margin.

Unique MLA prediction

Personalized offers based on previous repeating patterns in previous purchases.

The system predicts the quantity and price the customer is willing to pay.

Combine digital coupons into one QR code.

Scan QR coupon at checkout.

Meet the Team

We are a passionate team of marketing experts, developers and designers.

Ervin Kazič, M.A.

Masters in Management Received a Master‘s degree from setting online prices and consumer preferences. Recipient of international digital marketing awards, undergraduate lecturer of project management, serial enterpreneur, author of the Inforta business plan and algorithms creator.

Eva Ana Kazič

Business development
She has had a rich career of contributing to magazines, producing and branding and is known as the doyenne of Slovenian blogging. She is often seen as a television commentator, ambassador of Samsung, a repeated TEDx speaker, and presenter.

Aleš Vetrih

BSc - Computer and Information Science. He was employeed in one of the largest computer companies in Balkan region. During his years he worked on various different domains i.e. gaming and gambling, eCommerce, eLearning, payment provider systems, GIS systems... where he worked both as a software developer (Web Dev, Flash and Java) and as a Quality Assurance engineer. He also has extensive knowledge in the field of DevOps processes & techniques, Computer & Mobile security, and system administration.

Dejan Erjavec

BSc - Electrical Engineering / Telecommunications. Throughout the career worked as a lead developer and architect on various products in e-health, FinTech, Sport domains. He was employed by one of the biggest Balkan computer companies, worked at one of the leading online payment/wallet providers and leading sport data provider. Highly experienced in agile development practices and a Certified Scrum Master with an extensive overview knowledge of current web technologies.

Nik Pletikos, MSc

MSc in Financial Mathematics, PhD Candidate in Finance. Financial analyst working in Insurance and Blockchain industry. European sailing champion. Responsible for economics and market analysis.

Mark Debeljak

Design and web developer
Bsc in Media and marketing, creative web developer with skills from UX design to coding, an ability to convert every idea into exciting online applications.

Darinka Kazič

MSc in Marketing and Branding, BSc in organizational sciences, BSc in design, undergraduate lecturer, business communications book author, creative director. In her book, used as a Faculty manual she writes:
"There is no business without passion and no business exists without selling."

Frenk Sedmak Nahtigal

Engineering & Web Development
MS in Information Systems. Senior Frontend Developer with passion in designing, developing and deploying efficient user-centered web-based solutions using latest technologies available.